Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17/15 - Better Together! #MTBoSblausgust

One Collective Mind (Wikia)

Today, 13 amazing educators from Hilltop Middle convened their first 30 Goals meeting. In addition to an amazing librarian and ASB advisor, we teach english, math, social science, italian, spanish, chinese, and science. Despite our varied subject areas, one thing we all have in common is our dedication to kids. Every single one of us, without exception, has and will continue to go above and beyond for our students and colleagues. Today we set group goals to "Make it Fun" and "Be Someone's Champion". Recently, we have all noticed a dip in moral amongst the staff at HTM. Staffing changes, district unrest and huge pedagogical shifts are contributing factors. Regardless of the contributing factors, low staff moral has a direct impact on students, so this goal is a perfect starting point if a larger institutional change is the ultimate goal. It is my/our hope that celebrating the little things and taking a few moments each day to consciously show appreciation will help our staff feel how valued they are and, in a trickle down manner, feed into the enthusiasm and success of ever Hilltop Falcon. Here are the amazing people who have taken up the banner so far.

Yes, I'm making the same face in every picture! Thanks for noticing. 
In my defense, one of the goals is to Go On A Selfie Adventure!!

The Group :-)

Erin - Librarian

Lisa - Math

Dora - Spanish

Athena - US History

Yazmin - English

Bella - Chinese

Aida - World Cultures

Sarah - Science

Kim - English/Fearless Leader

Lourdes - Italian

Melanie - ASB

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